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My first blog must deal with the most urgent problem facing America today:  our addiction to government programs and the deficit spending they require.  The unraveling of America starts in the 1880s with the Progressive movement that sought to make government the instrument of public good.  Now progressed into socialism, this notion substitutes government paternity for individual effort and responsibility and makes every citizen a ward of the state.  Now, as Margaret Thatcher succinctly said of socialism, we’ve “run out of other peoples’ money.”  

We’ve seen the rioting in Greece over reductions in benefits citizens have come to depend on.  Is Los Angeles any different?  Sacramento?  Washington? No, all are faced with the same choice, cut entitlement and welfare programs or face economic collapse on the scale of Weimar Germany or the currency collapse in Argentina in 2001.  What happens when annual trillion dollar deficits render the US dollar worthless and wheelbarrow loads are required just to buy groceries? This is a world we cannot imagine.

After 9-11 Europeans declared their solidarity by proclaiming, “we are all Americans.”  Now, after the economic collapse and trillion dollar deficits as far as the eye can see, we can reciprocate, “we are all Europeans.”  None of us can pay for the socialist welfare state our citizens have come to expect.  Adjustments will be made.

This is not the legacy I wish to leave to my grandchildren.  Rather, I propose that we face the issue before us and do whatever it takes to return America to an economic road to prosperity.   We must all, young-old, rich-poor sacrifice to achieve this goal- a people who live  independent of government programs and a government that facilitates economic growth capital formation, and job creation through free market capitalism. 

We must get ourselves off the dole.  Social Security must be cut drastically as must all federal ‘entitlement’ programs.  Taxes must be reduced and business incentives extended to those who can create wealth by starting new businesses.  Government pending must be severely curtailed and government services reduced.   People will have to stand on their own two feet once again.

None of our current crop of politicians can define the sacrifices required.  If they did, there is no chance they’d be elected.  It is up to average Americans, not those elected to public office, to start this campaign of reform in America.   I hope the Tea Party movement will be instrumental in that effort.


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Retired from Army and aerospace,: now seek to restore US consitutional government. Active in Tea Party Patriots. I welcome comments and dissenting opinions.







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